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The London Racquet Restringing Co.

The Team

We are the team who bring together The London Racquet Stringing Co., our various skills place us well to meet the demands of the modern player. We have been stringing racquets for the last 10 years and have a combined experience of over 37 years. We specialise in stringing all types of racquet, be it badminton, squash or tennis. Past experience, detailed knowledge, extensive training and intensive preparation allow for a truly personalised experience.


Owner, Stringer in Chief and Tennis coach, former top junior player. Plays with Head Speed Pro Touch strung with Kischbaum Helix at 54lbs and Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph strung with Gut on mains at 57lbs and Solinco diamond rough on crosses at 55.5lbs


He bought his very first stringing machine aged 18 and never looked back. Now with extensive experience he can assist you in choosing the best string for your game. He knows the pressures of modern day tennis having had a successful junior career but now concentrates on stringing to help get the best out of your game.

"My strings got me to where I am today" was his response shortly after winning his qualifying round at the Torbay Open.

He uses a Yonex EZONE DR 98 with Toalson Rencon Red at 61lbs.


This bright restringing talent turned his attention to the profession after several hamstring injuries brought about a premature end to his professional career. Reaching finals in both the U14's and U16's Tennis Tournaments were not enough for him so he took up racquetball and won the U16 Racquetball Championship three times in succession. Despite his injuries he made it to the U18 Tennis Final and the Mens Singles Final (plate).

He was often seen in training on the courts and his trademark groundstroke winners were often attributed to the hours of toil but commenting on them he said "It's all down to my stringer."

He uses a Head Prestige Rev Pro with Luxillon Big Banger Alu Power at 22kgs.


Simon Federer has tennis in his blood. From a young age his family encouraged him to take up the game but it wasn't long before his natural skill became obvious. Despite having to move between academies in America and Switzerland, a powerful baseline game developed. Moving to London to reconstruct his service action after some shoulder problems in his late teens gave his game the extra edge.

A late convert to the belief that the string chose is vital he now proclaims "The factory strings held me back, I didn't want to admit it but since switching to a hybrid pattern my game has moved on."

He uses a Head Liquidmetal Radical with RPM Blast 56lbs and Toalson Tournament Synthetic Gut at 59lbs.


Jon brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and is always available to offer advice. He can regularly be found on the practice courts spending hours hitting balls researching the newest strings on the market. Quoted after his first hit of RPM Blast he exclaimed "I need a rest."

Our key researcher for any strings we stock is highly selective and only the best strings will meet his approval. Most of the strings we stock are endorsed by the world's top players showing the quality of string on offer. Jon lives by the mantra "Get your racquet strung like the pros."

He uses a Head Youtek Prestige Pro with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power at 52lbs.